THURM Premium Membership

As a registered THURM Premium Member, you will enjoy the following THURM V.I.P Services:

  • As soon as a new luxury property or luxury yacht is recorded in our portfolio, we will give you the opportunity to get an exposé before the object is in the print media or on the Internet.

  • As a registered THURM Premium Member, you will have the opportunity to make a 360° virtual tour and can have a look at your dream object via PC, smartphone or tablet from anywhere. You can simply use the mouse or your slide finger to discover all rooms, the floor plans as well as the outside view and much more. Thus you will get right from the beginning a realistic impression and feeling for whether or not the property will meet your demands.

  • You will receive the unique V.I.P THURM viewing service: First of all, we will pick you up with a luxury limousine from the place of your choice in Majorca. If your desired property is visible from the sea, you will enjoy on one of our luxury motor yachts a different perspective of your luxury object.

  • For the first viewing of your desired luxury yacht, we organise an appointment at the jetty. If you like the yacht, we will organise a test drive at a fair price. The costs will only become due, if the yacht is not purchased.

  • On the day of viewing our private chef will invite you to a culinary journey and present Majorcan specialities in one of the top restaurants in Majorca.

  • One of our experts will take care of you during the viewing day and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

  • We will organise an unforgettable housewarming party or boat party for you with our 360° camera and our drone cameras in order to preserve the memory of this very special moment. It goes without saying, you are our guest again!

  • As the owner of an THURM Premium luxury object, you will receive VIP tickets for local mega-events as well as perks for all other THURM business areas.

  • Register now and here as THURM Premium Member and enjoy the excellent advantages of the THURM V.I.P Service.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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